We offer a broad spectrum of services ranging from Anti Infective, Anti Parasitic, NSAIDS, Feed supplements, supportive medicines and API We have a strong and robust support system in development, manufacturing and testing at different stages of formulations to deliver the quality products. Our professionals always in tune with the new developments and challenges in the veterinary sector to always remain ahead of the curve in the challenging scenarios. Our team of experts understands the need of the clients and right from product conceptualization, formulations to production, we provide the innovative and tailor made products of highest quality.

CompositionDescriptionPack size
Albendazole 150 mg & 250 mg per BolusBroadspectrum Anthelmintic60 Boli
Albendazole 300 mg ,360mg & 600 mg per BolusBroadspectrum Anthelmintic50 boli
Albendazole 2500 mg /3000mg/3750mg BolusBroadspectrum Anthelmintic50, 20 Boli
Albendazole 1.5 g + Cobalt & SeleniumBroadspectrum Anthelmintic5 , 25 Boli
Albendazole 600 mg + Oxyclozanide 300 mg bolusBroadspectrum Anthelmintic100 Boli
Albendazole 2.5% SuspensionBroadspectrum Anthelmintic Drench250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml
Albendazole 2.5% with Cobalt & SeleniumBroad spectrum Anthelmintic1lt, 5 lt
Albendazole 100mg per ml / Albendazole 300 mg per mlBroadspectrum Anthelmintic Drench250 ml, 500 ml, 100 ml
Albendazole 30 % PowderBroadspectrum Anthelmintic Powder100g,500 g & 1 kg
Albendazole 25 mg & Rafoxanide 25 mg per mlBroad spectrum Anthelmintic500ml & 1 lt
Albendazole 3g+Ivermectin 100 mgBroad spectrum Anthelmintic with End-ectocide1 bolus
Rafoxanide 150 mgFluke Bolus50 Boli
Rafoxanide 30 mg per mlFlukicidal suspension250ml, 500ml & 1 lt
Fenbendazole 250 mg BoliBroadspectrum Anthelmintic50 Boli
Fenbendazole 750 mg BolusBroadspectrum Anthelmintic50 Boli
Fenbendazole 100 mg per mlBroadspectrum Anthelmintic Suspension250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml
Oxyclozanide 750 mgFluke Bolus50 Boli
Oxyclozanide 340 mgFluke Bolus60 Boli
Oxyclozanide 2.7 gFluke Bolus40 Boli
Bithionol Sulfoxide 2gFluke bolus100 boli.
Tetramisole HCl 150 mgDeworming Bolus60 Boli
Levamisole HCl 1000 mg & Oxyclozanide BP 1400 mgWorm & Fluke Bolus25 Boli
Oxyclozanide 450 mg and Tetramisole HCl 450 mgFluke and Worm Bolus40 Boli
Oxyclozanide 1400 mg and Tetramisole HCl 2000 mgFluke and Worm Bolus40 Boli
Oxyclozanide 1400 mg and Levamisole HCl 1000 mgFluke and Worm Bolus40 Boli
Levamisole HCl 200 mgBroad spectrum Anthelmintic60 Boli
Levamisole HCl 300 mgBroad spectrum Anthelmintic60 Boli
Levamisole hydrochloride 700 mgBroad spectrum Anthelmintic55 boli
Levamisole hydrochloride 1 gBroad spectrum Anthelmintic1000 Boli
Levamisole hydrochloride 20% & 30 % powederBroad spectrum AnthelminticSachet of 100 g, 500 g and 1 Kg
Triclabendazole 250 mgFluke Bolus50 Boli
Triclabendazole 900 mgFluke Bolus50 Boli
Triclabendazole 600 mg and 1800 mg bolusFluke Bolus50 Boli
Triclabendazole 600 mg and Levamisole HCl 375 mgFluke and worm bolus50 Boli
Levamisole 1400mg+ Oxyclozanide 1000 mgFluke and Worm bolus20 Boli
Oxyclozanide 60 mg + Levamisole 30 mg/ mlFluke and Worm Suspension100 ml, 250, 500ml, 1 lt
Oxyclozanide 60 mg + Levamisole 30 mg/ mlWorm and fluke suspension100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml.
Rafoxanide 45mg + Levamisole 30mgFluke and Worm Suspension250ml, 500ml & 1 lt
Rafoxanide 2000 mg + Levamisole 2000 mgFluke and Worm bolus100 Boli
Rafoxanide 1000mg + Levamisole 1000mgFluke and Worm bolus25 Boli
Oxyclozanide 300 mg + Praziquantel e 300 mgWorm and fluke bolus50 Boli
Tetramisole 300 mg /600mgDeworming Bolus50 Boli
Tetramisole 200 mg / g and 300 mg / gDeworming Powder500g , 1 kg
Closantel 1000 mgFluke and Worm Bolus20 Boli
Closantel 50 mg per ml & Closantel 100 mg per mlFluke and Worm Injection50 ml, 100 ml
Ivermectin 1%Injection10 ml, 50ml,100 ml
Ivermectin 1%Oral Suspension500 and 1000 ml
Ivermectin + ClorsulonTablets for small ruminants50ml, 100 ml
Ivermectin 5 mgTablets for small ruminants50 Boli
Cyromazine 1% & 2%Powder for fly Control5 Kg
Flumethrin 1%Ectoparasiticide Pour-on50 ml,100 ml,250 ml,500ml, 1lt
Cypermethrin 10% & 15%Ectoparasiticide for external application50 ml, 100ml,250 ml,500 ml, 1lt
Amitraz 12.5%Ectoparasiticide for external application50 ml, 100ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1lt
Deltamethrin 10 mgEctoparasiticide Pour-on250 ml,500ml, 1lt
Diazinon 60%Organophosphate Ectoparasiticide1000 ml.
Anti Protozoals
Quinapyramine sulphate 1.5g + Quinapyramine chloride 1 gPowder for injection2.5 gm vial with 15 ml of WFI
Buparvaquone 20%Injection For Theileriosis50 ml,100ml
Diminazene Diaceturate 1.05Powder for injectionsachet of 2.36g, 23.6g
Diminazene Diaceturate 7%Injection50ml, 100ml
Diminazene DiaceturatePowder for injection50 gm
Diminazene Diaceturate 1.05 , Vit. B 12 , Vit B6Powder for injectionsachet of 2.36g, 23.6g
Diminazene Diaceturate 1.05 , Vit. B 12 , Vit B6Powder for injection2.37 g, 23.7 g
Isometamidium Chloride HCL 1gPowder for injection10 sachets of 1 gm
Isometamidium Chloride HCL 125 mg & 250 mgPowder for injection125 mg & 250 mg Sachet with WFI
Homidium ChloridePowder for injection100 Tab
Quinapyramine Sulphate 3g & 100 gPowder for injection3g sachet & 100 g Tin
CompositionDescriptionPack size
Benzylpenicillin 50,00,000 IUPowder for InjectionVial with 20 ml WFI
Amoxicillin 1.5g & Cloxacillin 1.5gPowder for Injection10 ml Vial
Ceftiofur 1 g /4gPowder for Injection1g with 20 ml WFI
Ceftriaxone 3 gPowder for Injection3g with 20 ml WFI
Gentamicin 5% & Gentamicin 10%Injection50ml, 100ml
Tylosin Tartrarate 20 %Injection50ml, 100 ml
Enrofloxocin 10%Injection for IM/ IV / SC50 ml, 100 ml
Oxytetracycline 50mg & 10mg per mlInjection for IM use50ml, 100 ml
Oxytetracycline 200mg per mlLong acting Injection50 ml, 100 ml
Oxytetracycline 250 mg per tab / Oxytetracycline 500 mg per tabAnibiotic Tablets100 tabs / 55 tabs
Oxytetracycline 1000 mgAntibiotic Bolus20 Boli
Sulphadimidine 2.5 g & 5 g bolusAntimicrobial Bolus50 Boli
Sulphadimidine 200 mgAntibiotic Powder100g, 500g, 1 Kg
Sulphadimidine 333mg/ mlInjectable solution50ml, 100 ml
Sulphadiazine 200mg+ Trimethoprim 40 mgInjection50 ml, 100 ml
Sulphadiazine 2000mg+ Trimethoprim 400 mgAntibacterial Bolus4 Bolus
Intra – mammary
Ampicillin Sodium 75 mg & Cloxacillin Sodium 200 mgIntramammary Infusions5 g syringe
Topical Antiseptics
Oxytetracycline Hcl 25 mg / mlSpray200 ml
Povidone IodineSolution & Ointment250 g
Providone IodineSolution100 ml
ChloramphenicolEye ointment10 g syringe
CompositionDescriptionPack size
Meloxicam 5 mg per mlInjection50 ml, 100 ml
Flunixin Meglumine 50 mg per mlInjection50 ml, 100 ml
Phenylbutazone-200 mg, Sodium Salicylate 20 mg per mlInjection100 ml
CompositionDescriptionPack size
Ca, P, Vit D3,Powder Supplements1 Kg
Rumen specific live yeastPowder Supplements1 Kg
Bypass fatPowder Supplements1 kg
Rumen specific yeastProbiotics Supplements500 g Pack
Rumen specific yeastProbiotics Bolus80 Boli
Vitamins and MineralsPowder Supplements1 kg & 5 kg Pack
Vitamin A, D3 & ELiquid Supplements50 ml & 100 ml
Yeast Culture with Acid neutralising AgentPowder100 g & 1 kg Pack
Liver extract with VitaminsLiquid Supplements500 ml & 1 ltr
Vitamins and MineralsLiquid Supplements500 ml & 1 ltr
Vitamins and MineralsLiquid Supplements500 ml & 1 ltr
Vitamins A, D3Liquid Supplements1 ltr
CompositionDescriptionPack size
Chlorpheniramine MaleateAntihistaminic Injection50, 100 ml
Vitamins & MineralsMultivitamin Injection50 ml, 100 ml
Calcium Levulinate 76.4 mg +Vit D3 5000 IU+ Vit B12 50mcgInjectable Calcium Solution50ml,100 ml
Butaphosphan + B 12Organic Phosphorus with vitamin B 12 injection50ml,100 ml
Rumen BufferBuffering Agent100 g, 1 kg
Dexamethasone Sodium PhosphateInjection2ml, 50 ml, 100 ml
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